Next event: - May 9th Maple Valley Auto & Moto Festival.

Maple Valley Festival

Maple Valley Festival

Maple Valley FestivalMaple Valley FestivalMaple Valley Festival

 Moto Show, music, vendors, charity raffle benefiting multiple  charities on  May  9th 


Passion for the ride, impact for the community! Impact: $150,193.29.

The Cafe Racers Union (CRU) is a motorcycle and car club headquartered in Washington State with chapters in Washington and California. The CRU came together not only for the passion of the ride & drive, but with the ambition to change the world while they do it, and they are!

 CRU Members are a diverse group with backgrounds from military/civil service to corporate executives and business owners. Rolling together they found they had more in common than just the Marquees, it was this new found awareness that created a focus on turning their passion into impact for the community they played in. This belief later became their motto and can be seen on the groups club insignia today.

In alignment with their diversity in membership CRU members are not required to ride a “Café racer” model of motorcycle  or  particular car. All marquees and models are welcome. A Café Racer is a manufacturer’s model today, but in the 1950's they were a social group within the riding community that rode a wide variety of motorcycles brands and models.  That  diversity  is  what  the  CRU  community  embraces.  

This diverse club of riders we know as "The CRU" can be found riding  &  driving in the mountains, playing on race tracks or just hanging out at Cafes….don't let this adrenaline filled group fool you. While they are rolling, they are truly agents of change.

In closing we would like to add a special thank you to the following commercial partners in helping the CRU execute its mission: I-90 Motorsports of Issaquah WA., Backfire Moto, Northwest Select Real Estate Services, Microsoft Give, The Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride, Karl Noakes Photography,  New  Community  Church and Sumerian Brewing Company! 

2020 Schedule - Under construction!

-May 9th Maple Valley Auto & Moto Festival @ New Community Church

-June 20th Cafe Racers Cup @ Pacific Raceways
-September Eastside Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride @ Sumerian Brewing 

*More events to come!

Presented by the CRU & ORPT, benefiting VMP!

2020: The Cafe Racers Cup @ Pacific Raceways

20 Cafe Racers kick off via a Le Mans style start on the historic road course. The event will host vendors, charity raffles and viewing is free to  the  public. All proceeds will be donated to Vine Maple Place, a non-profit in Maple Valley helping families on the verge of homelessness. 

2020 Community Partners


Teaming for PASSION & IMPACT!