Next: CRU Backfire Display at The Shop on May 15th


2019 Passion & Impact Tour (90% Locked)

-All Italian/European Show - April 14th  

-3 Pedal Posse & Elsom Cellars Show - April 20th

-CRU Display at Backfire - May 15th  

-VMP Track Day Pacific Raceways - June 15th  

-2 day MS Tour for a Cure - June 22/23  

-Fund, Moto show, BBQ @ I-90 - Aug 17th  -Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride - Sept 29th

September – MS Ride

October – Annual Club Meeting

*3 Track days TBA

*Café to Café Rally TBA

* Roslyn CRU weekend rally TBA

2018 Passion & Impact Tour 

**All Italian Show @ XXX Rootbeer ~ April 15th**

**Backfire/CRU on Display @ The Shop ~ May 16th**

**Moto Guzzi Fest @ Sumerian Brewing ~ June 3rd**

**Track Day Pacific Raceways w/ OPRT~ July 4th**

**NW Region Ferrari Club Concours d’Elegance ~ July 8th**

**Cycle For Life Road Marshall’s ~ July 28th**Bike donation and grant**

**Track Day The Ridge w/ OPRT~ July 30th**

**Track Day The Ridge w/ OPRT ~ Aug 24th**

**CRU/Backfire Alki Ride @ The Shop ~ Aug 26th**

**Moto Party and MS Fundraiser @ I-90 Motorsport ~ Sept 15th**

**Distinguished Gentleman's Ride @ Seattle, WA - Sept 30th**

**VMP Breakfast - Oct. 13th; 09:30 New Life Church, Renton**

**Club annual member meeting - Closed meeting Oct. 13th **

**Backfire @ The Shop - Oct. 17th 4 to 9 PM Oct. 13th**

Passion & Impact



Short or long we ride, from Cafe to Cafe or to our favorite diners. Usually we tie the rides to fundraising to cover our mission & goals of Impact while enjoying our Passion of the ride!



Several times a year we setup booths at key events where CRU members display their motorcycles while we support our charity partners by raising funds and awareness. #Passion&Impact #UnionJob

Track days and more....


Three to four times a year we coordinate track days. A place where you can learn all about your moto, increase your skills with coaching & track time while participating in a fundraiser for the community.  Get plugged into these opportunities by joining our Facebook community page.