The Crew (CRU) News - November 2018 Edition

October Annual Meeting, local rides and impact!

Busy month as we had some local events like the Rainier Beer’s “R” Days in Georgetown on the 6th, the crew from Backfire had a booth and some motos on display. Jim, Ty and Nick rode down to check it our and support the Backfire crew of course. On the 14th we had a run to the MOPAR show at our favorite burger joint, XXX Root beer in Issaquah, most exciting part of that day was watching AK try and eat this huge chicken fried steak and gravy sandwich, failed! 

With big passion, comes big impact! We have two big, impactful highlights for sure! First is we surpassed our $50,000 goal almost 3 months ahead of plan as a mater of fact we are over $55,000 with two months to go in 2018! Next big one is a handful of the board members attended the Vine Maple Place breakfast on the 13th, this contributed to their effort by another $5,000 with matching funds included!

INVITATION: The executive director of Vine Maple Place wants to give us a private tour of the facility the CRU helped build, date TBD so look for a poll on our private Facebook page to vote for an option.

After a huge spring and summer riding/impact season the club came together for our annual meeting to reflect on the past season and plans for 2019. We had a great BBQ pork lunch as well as some fun watching the video from our 2018 TT and I-90 Motorsports show & fundraiser BBQ back in September. We got a lot accomplished from our 2019 schedule to our final assignment of board seats. Since that’s internal club business it was distributed internally via email and our Facebook private page, we posted the draft 2019 schedule on the schedule page so community members can join in the fun (looking at touring, moto shows and track days just to name a few items). I was honored and surprised to receive the gift decanter from the CRU, thank you all and Arturo for presenting! 

The other big event at the annual meeting was the club membership approved a California Chapter that is based out of the Monterey Peninsula! Led by Tom Hall, we are real excited to see our CRU mission expand to California and beyond as Montana chapter may be on the horizon! Welcome to the CRU Tom, enjoy the ride!!

Of course being the Café Racers Union we had to make a couple café runs and October saw one hosted by Tom up at Starbucks #1 at Pikes Place and another one to Black Gold Coffee Co in Black Diamond by Ty (cool joint, we will be doing more there).Last but not least we locked down next years Time Distance Rally at I-90 Motorsports in Issaquah and will also partner with I-90 for Issaquahs Fendors on front treet show in June. Kurt Opel, GM of I-90 continues to be a great partner to the CRU and 2019 is going to be even better!

Clubhouse! It’s finally open, we have a CRU clubhouse in Roslyn to ride to, hang out and crash at. Expect to see some rallies and always know that it’s open door for CRU members! 

November Events:

The big one is setting up the club shop in Roslyn, ride at will! Follow the Community FB page as rides will be aligned to sun pop-ups for most of the CRU.


2018 Annual Book:

The first draft is printed, hope to be ready to print and make available for charity auction use as well as CRU member purchase. Stay Tuned! See Ty if you want to check out the draft!

**Facebook is our primary communications channel, please stay plugged in by checking in there, keep it simple, and don’t miss out!** 

Latest CRU Videos: Thanks Duck! ;)

September I-90 BBQ, Show and MS fundraiser:

September Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride:

Annaul meeting for 2018

We had a great meeting, about 2/3rds of the membership made it, thanks and the outputs of the discussions are in motion! COngrats to Robert Van Winkle to appointment of CRU Secretary.

The CRU club house is open!

Located in Roslyn, Washington it is about an hour from Issaqua over I-90! Great historic spot with beautiful rides, great food and excellent car shows during the summer! CRU indoor moto parking for about 12, outdoor moto parking for 20. Pets welcome of course!

Charity of the Month ~ National Multiple Sclerosis Society

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS).  The CNS is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.

Within the CNS, the immune system causes inflammation that damages myelin — the fatty substance that surrounds and insulates the nerve fibers — as well as the nerve fibers themselves, and the specialized cells that make myelin. *More than 2.3 million people are affected by MS worldwide. Seattle area is one of the global hot spots for cases of MS.

Visit the MS website to learn more!