Welcome to the ton Up club!

Our CRU track events allow the participation in the Café Racers ancient tradition of the "Ton" and the goal to "Ton Up"! Details below, with the current list of members.

Ton Up Club Members on 10/31 of every year will nominate and vote for a charity to receive a cash grant.

*Sept 9 @ The Ridge! Last of the year!*

Ton-up club & Inductees

Ton Up Club

The Ton is 100 MPH! Hit it and get it!

  • Ty Moore 2018 
  • Arturo Lee 2018 
  • Rodrigo Arzate 2018 
  • Fred Pace 2018 
  • Jim Frazier 2018 
  • Jason Wallace 2018
  • Nick Mayerschoff 2019  
  • David Wike 2019 
  • Mick Szucs 2019  
  • Malcolm Goodrich 2019 
  • David Schroder 2019 
  • Brian Lysak 2019
  • Spencer Cartwright 2019 
  • Lalo Crème 2019
  • Billy Hands 2019
  • Jeremy Houtchens  2019
  • Kate Mayerschoff 2019

 The Café Racers Union Ton-up Club

Introducing a bit of the café racer tradition reworked for the modern world! As we know back in the 1950-60’s the Ton or 100 MPH was a big aspiration for the fastest of the fast! Advance to current day and while some may aspire to hit 100 MPH (or more) on their motos local law enforcement will take away your moto for doing it. The CRU Ton-up program is a safe way in a controlled environment where we can continue the tradition, legally! Secondarily it may entice you to get over the hump and try the track CRU charity experience we host 4-6 times a year with OPRT.

To be officially recognized as a Ton-Up club member, You must hit 100 mph at an official CRU Race track event and be sponsored by a Ton-up member to be enshrined on the list.

Membership gets the qualified member added to the list on our website, a patch and a sticker.  

3/4 Ton Club

The 3/4 Ton is for our Scooter and 499CC or less community members, target is 70 MPH on the track! 

  • Cassandra Haavisto 2018