CRU & OPRT Track Program

The Program Details

 In 2018 OPRT and CRU partnered up with two main objectives in mind. 1) Help increase our local riders skills in everyday riding 2) Do something for the broader local charity needs while doing it. That is what this program is about, the CRU is committed to the management and community impact off the track portion of the program and OPRT owns the classroom and on track experience.

Cost? No! But, we do ask for an onsite or PayPal donation for the particular charity targeted for that event and charity organizations nominations are encouraged from the CRU community.

To date over 70 riders have participated in the program, 70+% have gone on to do full and half track days and in the process raised over $11,000 for aligned charities! It's a formula that works, making riders better and changing the world one lap at a time!

CRU and OPRT Class Room & Track Session – Intro to performance riding!

Optimum Performance Rider Training will host a race track riding experience for the Café Racers Union (CRU) on key agreed dates at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA and The Ridge in Shelton, WA. Requesting a minimum donation, all proceeds to a named charity (typically $25).

The event will consist of classroom training to familiarize riders with track riding, offer specific techniques and procedures applicable to the race track, and provide valuable information that will increase your street riding skill and enjoyment. 

Then we will take to the track for an open lapping session. This will be primarily an exclusive session for the CRU, you will be accompanied by our on track instructors who will guide and coach as you learn the track and get to put into practice the skills taught in the classroom. 

Motorcycle and riding gear requirements: Visit to see an overview of what is recommended. A couple of exceptions: Taping or disabling lights will not be required, and gear requirements will take into consideration safe street riding apparel. Basically you'll want to be adequately protected in case of a mishap on the track. Fully covered, in material that would stand up to a slide on the asphalt. Full coverage helmet. Any questions about gear or bike requirements can be directed to us at or email

Event Typical Schedule:

08:00 CRU Truck setup.

10:00 sign in, tech inspection, meet and greet, We will have an area reserved for you to park as a group. 

11:00 Classroom session (Track procedures, flag signals, safety, etc) .

11:45 Suit up and prep for track.

12:00 On track at, anticipate a 20-25 minute session.

*Regularly scheduled sessions begin at 1230 and will be made available at $99 to the CRU participants, limited number of these slots available.

Note: OPRT will be conducting their regular OPRT track day in conjunction with this event. It runs from 7:00 am-4:00pm.           You are welcome and invited to come out early or stay late to spectate, tour the pits, visit with riders, and converse with our Instructors (orange vests).


Michael Mason/Ty Moore            

Director of Training OPRT/CRU Track Event Coordinator             

Optimum Performance Motorsports/Café Racers Union